50 Cent Reminds Mother Of First Born Her “Meal Ticket” Is About To Expire, Mother Claps Back With A Vengeance

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It’s been seemingly a long 18 year war for Rapper 50 Cent and his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins. And as his first son Marquise Jackson approaches his 18th birthday his parents are no closer than they were 15 years ago when Tompkins left and sued the rapper for 50 million dollars.

Now as emancipation day for his first-born nears Fiddy, being Fiddy takes his final shots in retaliation for mailing millions in child support to his unappreciative infamous baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins. And she isn’t too happy about what the candy shop rapper said.

According the popular gossip site MediaTakeOut.com, Tompkins continues blasting the G-Unit hypeman on Instagram, and things have gotten pretty intense just over the past few months.


“When a baby is a victim of his mom’s vies of his dad it’s terrible. I have mailed them over a million dollars. He’s big now only 18 months left of support to live off. Then reality sets in, this is real life now. I expect his mom to go crazy now. She don’t know what to do. I pray she figure it out he’s grown now.”

When he posted the picture, Shaniqua went straight rabbit in a post, allegedly revealing details about the rapper posing as a thug.

Tompkin’s official online account is now private, and apparently Fiddy deleted this viral post after calming down a bit. But The Shade Room managed to salvage the post and re-post it.


But, it seems Shaniqua’s clapback was sent directly to Madamenoire.com Nothing is ever deleted on the web. Check it out below:

“When you post something and delete it shows how much Of a coward you are !! @50cent I know you and know your tactics! I appreciate it ,because the judge will get to see how much of a bully you are. Take accountability for your actions! You don’t have a relationship with my child because you choose not to, you want to bully him, threaten him and talk about his mother in a disparaging manner. I don’t try to mentally abuse my son like you do! I don’t talk about you, your actions speaks themselves. Who threatens to shoot their son on Instagram ? I don’t have to talk about you, again your actions speaks for themselves !Bitter? About what ? I left you!!! I know longer wanted a relationship with you! You’re a fraud and you’re upset I know it ! You created this fictitious character and you try to discredit me because I know the real! I know you made up you got shot 9 times and it was actually 5 because you didn’t want to be compared to Tupac! Remember I was there! I went with you to the police percent to get an order of protection out if Ja Rule, irvGotti and his brother Chris . So please stop! I know you are jealous because, Marquise has a mother that actually cares and loves him and you never had that. You always lived with your Grandparents even when your Mom was alive! I’m not one to ruin someones grandiose idea of themselves but keep my name out your mouth! I will keep posting Boo vs. 50 cent facts I have receipts! #CB4 you are not God, maybe to others but not me!!!”

Meanwhile, the “Candy Shop” rapper hopes to enjoy the holidays with his other young son, Sire Jackson (who’s mother is Daphne Joy):

What the fu😳k are these people talking about, we going shopping it's CHRISTMAS. LOL# #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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Remember, Tompkins sued her former hip-hop beau for a whopping $50 million after the birth of Marques back in 1997, claiming that “he would take care of her for life.” She didn’t win.

Before all is said and done it seems the only one who is suffering the most is Marquise Jackson. Which poses the question do the NYC emcee actually have a valid point?

Source: Mstarz.com

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